Celia Hemken

Words, pictures, film and sound can have a strange way of merging. It is synesthetic. I am synesthetic.

Underlying patterns emerge, simply while experiencing and playing with formlessness, a feeling of floating in space. In this space I am searching for borders and their breakdown, vibrating between the two states. I test delineations where order and change, pattern and no pattern, black & white and colour, randomness and control nudge up and sometimes fight against each other. 

In synesthesia, one sensory organ merges with the next. So whether it be composing music, writing, dancing, applying colours on a surface or molding objects I am searching to find out who I am, human, in all these expressions. I am the same distillation of identity within whatever form I choose to express myself.

All forms become one. They all lead to the same place. Beyond identity. I feel connected to that which is beyond our understanding as human beings.

This is ecstatic but it can also be a problematically heady place and so I look to ground myself with writing about or making pictures and films of people. People - us - with all our creatureliness, sensuality, sexuality, freedoms, constraints, anxieties and fun.

In my painting looking at our world and translating it into colour and space and line I can see clearly with the immediate experience of making marks on a surface that we are mirrors of each other. And so surely the making of art has a healing component which helps the ability to balance between our two polarities to a true state of health where we can connect to our original selves. Innocence. 

Always loving colour, California seemed a great place to go. The light. After over 20 years I'm back in Europe. Different kind of light. The colour has always stayed constant.