welcome to the laboratory


"Synesthesia (Wing Paintings)" are iridescent. When separate the two sides don't have as much meaning as when they are together - partners, synesthetically more complicated and whole. Musical pieces. Geography, land mass, landscape, solar system, clouds, blended, merged, pressed, dragged. The eye makes sense out of chaos, seeing shapes in random patterns - pareidolia. 

The paint tearing apart in mitosis is ecstatic, the outcome beyond human control. The mirror images, twins or couples are not precise doubles. Nothing is. They are an evolution from one at source becoming two multiplying to family or group and merging. Stars, hearts, wings, land masses, countries, words, notes. What they are is open-ended, breathing. 

The Wing Paintings (Synesthesia) and The Petal Paintings (Isolation) are Before and After and Before again and After again. 



"Isolation (Petal Paintings)" are matte and reflective in different light and also iridescent so that two colours appear with shifts of perspective. Inherent, then, is the two-fold nature of “Isolation”: a mirror image but with a variation. “Isolation” is the group and the outsider, disease and health, dissonance and harmony, conformity and non-conformity, evolutionary variance or breakdown, border integrity and leakage, connecting and not connecting, perfection and imperfection. Whether the different entity, the outsider, is beautiful or deformed depends on the point of view. As I pared down to these singular, floating objects on paper I realised their fractal nature and relationship to DNA. 



(4.5 Metres x 1.5 Metres)



When my mother had a stroke we were all plunged into the world of the medical system with all its paraphernalia and the fall-out was explosive. 





You put one colour down and then add another. It's improvisation. Harmonising, contrasting, dischordancy (apparent), complementing (apparent) as in sound, notes. The next blank page is a development or a reaction to the previous one. I freed myself from ideas of gravitas and watched what happened. So the innocence - I wonder why this is such a visual short hand for the state of the child and not adulthood. Is the life of the adult grave, dark, sombre? The lightness of being is ever present and the more the complexity the greater the simplicity.