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2 years in the making Orange Peel is part Deep Throat, Wizard Of Oz and Persephone. Orange Peel journeys into her sexuality and power in graphic b&w and starling colour.

Having been well received through online global distribution Orange Peel will be screened with Q&A (TBD).


"I saw "Orange Peel" and what an amazing film. I love your aesthetic, it's brilliant. You created this amazing fantasy world and I was totally immersed in it, the backdrops felt so real and natural. I love the defiance it, it has real artistry. Some people play at being an artist, but you're the real deal.I thought your acting was so impressive, you brought these characters alive and made them uniquely different and believable. I also loved the music, especially the song toward the end- what a beautiful haunting melody and you have a great voice. I felt I should comment on this because you did an amazing job, it was fascinating and it was achingly human.. Much applause to you." Billy Tyner

Based on the book, Orange Peel, by Celia Hemken available on amazon

Is it possible any of us would sell our bodies for money? And who would know if we did? It would be our secret. Orange Peel shows you how she did it in her unique way.

This film is also unique - made by one person - the characters, the backdrops, the design, the filming, production, music. I wanted to know what it was like to fall in love with yourself - to live not only in the imagination but to see it realised in 3D all around you as I shot the film - to see clones of myself invented out of nothing, myself in different guises and persuade myself that the phantoms of my imagination had come alive and so they did as I edited. It felt miraculous. Could this possibly work I asked myself as I filmed, when the established wisdom is that film can only be a collaborative medium? 

Orange Peel arrives in a strange house encountering the odd characters who live there and then clients in the city. Frank The Horsedealer, Puma, The Gangstas and Paul appear in a hybrid world of animation and real life as suggestions of each other. Believing she will be exploited by the music business, she decides to exploit herself. She uses her body for her dream of making music and is given a voice in the lush soundtrack to the film. 

Orange Peel's world is a projection of her own imagination. You are left with a heightened sense of purity and sensuality, fun and dismay. The film is sexually explicit and made in the fierce independent spirit of Orange Peel herself - no compromise.

The short film, Orange Peel (15 mins) was screened at Palm Springs International Film And Short Fest, Zero Film Festival, Winner Babelgum TV, distributed on Canadian TV, Cinekink & won Action Cut Experimental award.


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